Food; What's you Story?

Did you know...

that throughout numerous cultures, many of the festivals, holidays and celebrations we observe today have their roots in food?  Some started as celebrations of a bountiful harvest or successful hunt or as way to look forward with hope to the beginning of a new growing season.

Often communities would join together during these times to connect with family, friends and neighbors in the spirit of cooperation. Food was the center of celebrations in the good times, but also of consolation in the difficult ones.

Food is so important and interwoven within our cultures and societies that we often relate it to very specific times of the year. For example, there many full moons throughout the year which are named for their correlation to the harvest of a particular food item that was abundant around the same time. June's "Strawberry" moon and September's all encompassing "Harvest" moon are but a couple of examples. I bet you can guess why February was known as the "Hunger" moon.

We want to hear your food related story. What events, celebrations or special moments and happy memories (or even the sad ones if you are willing to share) in your life are centered around food? 

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