Planting for baby greens

 This is a simple technique to ensure your greens don’t get buried too deep.

Covering Up The Rows

Here’s how to cover the seed row when planting greens. Don’t forget to water them afterward, gently so you don’t wash the seeds away. 

Spacing Seedlings

 Space kale about 12” (30cm) apart, Chard and Collards about 16” (40 cm) apart, and cabbage about 20”(50cm) apart.   

Marking Plant Rows

 This is a nice simple way to keep track of what you planted and when you planted. Put a blank stick in the row where your seeds end. 

Making Fertilizer

 You’ll have fertilizer in about a week with this simple recipe. Nick uses comfrey in this video but any non-poisonous plant can be used for this, including un-sprayed dandelion, grass clippings, potato leaves, or tomato leaves. 

Weeding 101

Here are some common weeds you’ll see in your Brantford/Brant County garden, and what you’re dealing with in terms of their roots.

Young Onion vs. Young Grass

 Keep your onion patch clean without picking what you planted. These two plants can be confusing when young.  Here’s how to tell them apart.